Integreated Therapies

Integrative Therapies FAQ'S:

What are your hours?

Our hours of operation are different with each practitioner. Many of our practitioners do not practice full time so their hours vary. If you have a particular practitioner you work with, check with them and they will give you their hours. Our volunteer receptionists are with us during community acupuncture hours, which is pretty consistent Monday - Friday. We're closed most major holidays.

How do you operate?

We operate as a collective of independent practitioners who share common Franciscan values and believe that we can do together what none of us can do alone. We choose to creatively share space, time, and common resources so that our operating costs are lowered, that way we don't have to charge as much for treatments but we can still pay our rent. We operate organically and relationally - not as streamlined as other operational systems, but once you get to know us you'll understand how we work.

How much do your services cost?

Payments for all services at Integrative Therapies are based on trust-based sliding scale fee schedules. We don't ask for financial documentation to qualify. We try to make our services accessible to everyone, and we believe a sliding scale is the best way to do this. The amount you can vary depending upon what treatment you receive and who your practitioner is. Group treatments are less expensive than individual treatments. We encourage you to ask the practitioner you work with - or are interested in working with - how much their sliding scale is.

Do you accept insurance?

We don't accept insurance. All practitioners at Integrative Therapies offer their services on trust-based sliding scales (that means that you don't have to show any financial proof about your income...we actually trust you), though the prices vary depending upon the therapy. Most insurance companies don't work with sliding scales, so we offer receipts to clients who pay for their services and they submit them to their insurance company if they can get reimbursement.

We have a pretty humble operation and aren't able to financially maintain the administrative structure necessary to work with insurance. If we did that, we'd definitely have to charge more. We choose not to go that route. Also, once we start to work with the insurance industry, our pricing becomes accountable to insurance companies, not the people we serve. Once that relationship starts, insurance companies start to dictate how many treatments you can get, not you. We choose to avoid this third-party system altogether.

How do I make an appointment?

You'll need to contact the practitioner with whom you want to schedule. Since we all are independent practitioners, each one of us manages our own scheduling. Contact information is provided for all of our practitioners on their practice page under "Office Info." Some of our practitioners have online scheduling.

Do you take walk-ins?

For the most part, services are by appointment only. Sometimes community acupuncture can accommodate walk-ins, but we can't guarantee it.

Do you do anything special for military vets?

There is a free community acupuncture vet clinic on Mondays and Fridays, and we are working with massage therapy students from Globe University to provide free massages for vets. Call us for more details.

What if I don't know what therapy is best for me?

We believe that you actually do know what is best for you, so we follow your lead in looking for the therapy that would best suit your healing. If you are inclined to try a therapy, we encourage you to explore it and contact one our practitioners. If they think you'd benefit from another therapy, or a combination of therapies, they will tell you and together you can decide what would be the best fit. We know our therapies and the different therapies offered here, and you know yourself. That seems like a good combination to create a healing journey.

How long will a session last?

This will depend upon what therapy you receive, and even individual therapies range in lengths of time. Generally, for individualized treatments (massage, energy therapy, consultations), a session can last from 30 to 90 minutes. For acupuncture, we suggest you set aside at least an hour, especially for your first treatment. For more details, feel free to ask one of our practitioners.

How many times do I need to come?

This depends on how long you've had a condition, how severe it is, and what therapy you are receiving. This is something that is discussed with the practitioner at the first appointment, after a thorough assessment is made.

How do Franciscan values relate to affordable healthcare?

All we do is a humble attempt to serve the Common Good.

We try to model shared power with ethical and cooperative practices. We wish to offer a way of compassion in business and healthcare in the midst of an overwhelming amount of crisis, inaccessibility and suffering. The practitioners at Integrative Therapies seek to create a peaceful, healing environment that cares for all of us, including our Earth.

We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings. The nature of our ministry is service, not sales, so we ensure that our environment is free from aggressive sales and commercialism and our financial interactions are based upon trust and transparency. We are committed to creating accessible, affordable services for the community and living wages for our practitioners.

The business model of Integrative Therapies is driven by a passion for affordable, accessible, and holistic care. We operate our businesses with the understanding of the crisis in healthcare at this time and a desire to help alleviate this crisis. We strive to be fair and wise in our advice and actions, as well as inclusive in issues of gender, race, creed, color, age, personal situation or conditions of anyone who walks through our doors. We envision our Integrative Therapies collective to be a small vehicle for justice, peace and healing that joins with the multitude of healing movements in our world today.

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