Two different acupuncturists - one good place!

Fusheng Frank Lan, L.Ac.

Fusheng "Frank" Lan initially studied and practiced acupuncture in Yunnan and Beijing, China. He continued his studies and practice of medicine, acupuncture and research in both Europe and the U.S. He moved to Western Wisconsin from Chicago and has been practicing in our area since 2008.

Sr. Eileen McKenzie, FPSA

Sr. Eileen McKenzie is a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, a registered nurse, and nationally certified in Acupuncture and Chinese herbology. Her background includes cross-cultural nursing, outcomes research in complementary and alternative medicine, and community acupuncture. She likes spending time in nature, reading, watching movies and working with social justice folk.

Goddess Yoga Classes

Sadhana Ayurveda & Yoga

Yoga ClassesHonor yourself and your body with practices designed to nourish the Goddess within. Shakti Class (for women of menses age) - August 16-October 4, 2016; Wisdom Class (for women beyond menses season) - August 18-October 6.

See flyer for more details.

Goddess Yoga Classes in May

Yoga ClassesHonor yourself and your body with practices designed to nourish the Goddess within. May 17, May 19th.

See flyer for more details.

Diamond Path

Taste of the Diamond Approach

Get an experiential taste of the Diamond Approach Spiritual Path, Saturday, March 19th in La Crosse. No Charge. RSVP.

For more information and details see this flyer.

A season that highlights sharing, gifting, and gratitude.

"Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

End Homelessness

Part of the richness of living in an abundant community is sharing. This holiday season we decided to share awareness of a serious need in our area: La Crosse homeless youth. We've been delighted with how you've stepped up to provide what kids should never have to ask for: basic necessities. Thank you for your generous support!

"For it is in giving that we receive..." - St. Francis of Assisi

The La Crosse Family and Children's Center has a new program: Host a Homeless Youth. This is an innovative program, the result of a caring community responding to a scandalous issue. We thank you for the gifts of basic necessities you've given to help today. We invite you to check out the program at FCC and consider if you might be called to host one of the kids in our area. And we strongly urge you to learn more about homelessness, especially with our youth, and become active in ending it.

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