Integrated Therapies


Diane Carrk offers holistic nutritional counseling.

Fusheng Frank Lan, L.Ac. provides community acupuncture.

Heather Henry provides ayurvedic consulting and teaches yoga.

Karen Hellman provides massage therapy (cupping, deep tissue, lymphatic, myofascial, pregnancy or prenatal, sports, and Swedish) and craniosacral therapy.

Kathleen Graham provides spiritual inquiry sessions through the Diamond Approach Spiritual Path.

Kathryn Hietbrink provides massage therapy (deep tissue, myofacial, Swedish/relaxation and sports massage).

Michael Brown teaches Qigong and Tai Chi.

Nancy Melin provides massage therapy (Swedish / relaxation and trigger point massage) and craniosacral therapy.

Shanen Kazynski provides life transformational coaching.

Sr. Eileen McKenzie provides community acupuncture.

Travis Evenson provides massage therapy (deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy, sports, and cranial sacral therapy).

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