Diamond Approach

Diamond Approach Spiritual Path

The Diamond Approach is a path of spiritual transformation that uses methods such as meditation, self-remembering, and inquiry to support the process of spiritual development by realizing one's true nature. Kathleen Graham, seminarian and teacher-in-training of the Diamond Approach, offers individual inquiry sessions for those who are searching for deeper meaning and healing in their lives. She notes, "Immediate contact with the truth of our experience allows the unfoldment of our Soul to reach increasingly deeper levels. ... The Diamond Approach is a path of spiritual transformation that has arisen in response to our modern times for those who wish to pursue spiritual development while living life."

Kathleen Graham

Kathleen Graham

Kathleen loves exploring truth and the inner journey. She is an avid reader, especially of A. H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach. She also enjoys practicing Iyengar Yoga. In her career as an advanced practice nurse, she brings an appreciation for all dimensions of healing. Kathleen has been a dedicated student of the Diamond Approach since 1996 and is currently in her final stages of 9 years of seminary training to become an ordained teacher.

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Hours: Individual spiritual inquiry sessions by appointment only.

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